Get ready to thrill over the 100 km (approximately, you know how it is) of pure magic with an elevation gain of 1000 meters taking you on a roller-coaster through the island's most breathtaking spots.

We're talking about discovering Belle-Ile, but on a BIG screen scale, with views of the coasts that will make you stutter in admiration and landscapes so wild they'll give you chills.

This BIG adventure isn't just an endurance test; it's a thrill ride of excitement and camaraderie.

Tighten your helmet for a memorable epic, where every pedal stroke unlocks a breathtaking view, another secret of this dream island.

Registration : 69€  49€ for the last month!
For belle-ilois, please contact directly.

Bikes allowed : Gravel, cyclocross, MTB 

START : Le Palais, 13 pm
FINISH : Maximum time to be a "Finisher" 7 hours  
RULES : read it here

- Your welcome coffee
- Your finisher beer 
- The GPX track
- Safety on the course
- Your numbered handlebar plate 
- The BIG starter pack: a treat and a small local gift  
- Refreshments along the course
- Your evening at Chez Lucienne restaurant 


Ok, I'm coming!