The BIG team

The BIG team



Fanny Boquillet, la p'tite reine

Fanny grew up in sports. It has to be said she didn't have much choice: with Laurent as a father, she had her fill of athletic competitions, bike rides, triathlons, and... she loved it! So much so that she made a part of her career in sports event management.

She also loved her vacations in Belle-Île, where she met Théo (no need to draw you a picture), with whom she now runs your HQ at Chez Lucienne. Her good mood is felt even in the spirit of this place.

The only woman in our government, she deserves a medal!



Théo, the other local of the stage

Théo was born on the Continent but didn't care much for the terrestrial horizon, so he came to settle with Fanny on the island. However, he wasn't exactly a newcomer since his dad had already introduced him to Belle-Île to the point of having spent his entire childhood there.

More Antoine Dupont than Chris Froome (normal, he's a rugby player), he also likes bodyboarding. And don't you tell him it's like surfing! And gravel? He's happy to engage in it... when he's not injured!

And like a sailor who can't swim, this adopted Breton doesn't like fish, except for April Fool's. And he's never the last to party... let it be known!



Laurent Boquillet, where it all began

Laurent is the proud dad of Fanny, and he has several years of high-level sport in triathlon under his belt.

But his CV is so extensive it would be impossible to summarize it.

Among other feats: he has done marketing for Nike, managed renowned athletes, worked for Juve, imported some really good ice cream, produced tofu, got involved in an international athletics federation, filled stadiums (not by singing)...

More curious and open-minded, you die!

Distinctive sign, his feet are often bare.



Thomas, the only, the true, raised in the sea spray

A native of the island, he competes with his cyclist buddies "stone rollers" for the world record of the number of island laps completed. Maybe that's where his tendency to ramble comes from...

Coming from the federal world, he does not despair of finding the new Bernard Hinault within the insular club.

A lover of pur beurre (salted) cycling.



Jean-Christophe aka JC

He met Laurent when he was 20 years old (he's barely older today, uh, uh), and he too did triathlon, then mountain biking, then he sold champagne, skis, and swimsuits, he relaunched the Cycle Show, created a bike tour around the Paris suburbs (before Covid), launched a gravel event in 2023... In short, he runs, he rides, and the rest of the time he eats sourdough bread. His kick? The Paris-Brest, but a Nice-Belle-Île, he likes that too.