By train

Belle-Île by Train

Head to Belle-Île in eco-friendly mode, just the way we do it!
Yes, it's an island, but with SNCF, everything is possible, as you well know.

We'll guide you:
1. At Auray station, a 2-minute stop, everyone off
2. ⁠Unleash the adventurer within, grab your bike, embark on a legendary Gravel route, and let yourself be enchanted by the raw beauty of the Wild Coast before heading to Quiberon
3. Board a boat to the island

Saving my energy for BIG? No worries! The BreizhGo bus awaits you at Auray station, and off you go to Quiberon!
Check the schedules right here for a hassle-free journey: BreizhGo Schedules.

Ok, I'm coming!