From dream to reality by bike

BIG is the story of how Laurent, an avid outdoor sports and cycling enthusiast, and his daughter Fanny, whose love of Belle-Île-en-Mer is unquestionable, transformed a spark into a firework display.
Add to this dynamic duo Jean-Christophe, maestro es-TT (all-terrain) and pro of kick-ass events; Théo, Fanny's fiancé, and Thomas, Mister President of the Vélo Club Bellilois. It's from their energy that Belle-Île-en-Gravel (BIG) was born.

BIG is the perfect fusion of sporting adventure and escapism for gravel enthusiasts, a form of cycling that we love.

Embark on BIG - or P'tit BIG - to immerse yourself in an adventure where the thrill of gravel meets the splendor (in all objectivity) of the island.

Come and join us for an extraordinary sporting experience, in which we want to inject a healthy dose of conviviality to reflect the soul of Belle-Île.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The BIG team