Chez Lucienne

Café-restaurant in Le Palais.
Run by Fanny and Théo, located on the port at Le Palais. Its divine sunsets, knockout cocktails, and spontaneously emerging wild nights will surely be YOUR place, your base of life on the island.

Chez Lucienne
Ultra-cool café-restaurant in Palais
Once upon a time, there was a legendary spot right on the port of Le Palais, run by Fanny and Théo from the
BIG team.

Chez Lucienne (Fanny's grandma's first name) is where the sun puts on a show every evening, where the cocktails are amazing, and the nights, often epic! An atmosphere that captures you instantly, without asking for your opinion.

It was so obvious to all of us: this corner of paradise had to become your HQ, your den on the island.

This is where you'll come to pick up your sesame for the adventure, aka your bib number. It's also here that you'll proudly grab your BIG or LITTLE BIG finisher badge.

And of course, if you feel like it, you'll come spend one or two (or more, if the mood strikes) evenings at Chez Lucienne to "live" Belle-Ile-en-Mer to 200%!

  Chez Lucienne